Monday, June 30, 2008

Ensembles Anyone?

After getting some feed back about the dyes I think it might be easier for people if I get together some dye ensembles so people can have a group of dyes to buy together.

In the Dyes section of my website you will find some new little dye packs. The number of dyes in the different sets varies so that people can have a wider variety to choose from every other the set "basic 4." That being said my starter set is a set of 4 dyes. Let me introduce my ensembles. You will notice that buying an ensemble will be a bit better price then buying each of these dyes individually. :)

Basic Primaries (4 colors/containers): Citrus Yellow, Coral (this is red), Bright Blue, Nickel( Black), technically you can make every color from these 4 colors. 4 oz of dye (4 one ounce containers) will make roughly 6 gallons of dye if you use it at "full strength" which is considered 2 tsp to a half gallon. If you want to color to look lighter or darker then "full strength", you are going to have to use more or less powered dye accordingly. $11

Extended Primaries(6 colors/containers): Citrus Yellow, Coral (this is red), Azure Blue, Nickel( Black), Ultraviolet, and Aqua, while technically you can make every color with the above set, both bright violets and turquoises/ aqua are hard to mix yourself and be brilliant. This set really gives you a wide range for which to mix your own colors and make 90% of the colors you want . 6 oz of dye roughly makes 9 gallons of "full strength" dye (see note above about full strength dye). $16

Crayola Colors (8 colors/containers): This what you would get if you bought a 8 pack of crayola crayons, pencils, or markers. Nickel (Black), Nutmeg, Coral (red), Musk Melon, Citrus Yellow, Emerald Green, Intense Blue, and Ultra Violet. These are basically the colors of the rainbow with brown and black. Nutmeg is a reddish brown and Coral is a bright scarlet red, between the two you should be able to make a good spectrum of reds. $22

Watercolors (6 colors/containers): Kiwi (my favorite all time color!), Iris, Soft Orange, Robins Egg Blue, Bubble Gum, Baby Blue. All of these colors are lighter then the other colors, they won't make a dark fierce hue, instead you will find a softer, more inviting color. $16

Faded Colors (6 colors/ containers): Bordeaux, Bronze, Curry, Olive Drab, Alpine Blue, Khaki. These are your off colors, they are sort of fall colors, and they aren't very bright. Perfect for a more muted color. $16

Blues (5 colors/ containers):
Azure Blue, Sky Blue, Intense Blue, Robins Egg Blue, Electric Blue. With these blues your will be able to find the exact hue you are looking for and be able to make any color of purple or green! You will be surprised at the variation of these blues. $13

The Ultimate Collection(37 colors/ 37containers):
This would be every color I have to offer, it is the ultimate indulgence. You will always have a wonderful selection to choose from and can explore colors with more control of what color you are going to get. You can easily work several different palettes just by putting aside certain colors. $ 99 (price is cut from $111, thats 4 dyes free!)

Anyways, I plan to offer more dye ensembles in the future, but these should get you started. Happy Dying!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Yarns anyone?

With the launch of my new store I have been hunting around for more things to put up on my site for you to dye. At a really good price.

How does everyone feel about Suri Lace?

uri Lace Alpaca
50 g / 466 yds

100% Suri Alpaca lace weight yarn that is well suited to fine lace work.

Specifications: Gauge: 7sts. per 1 inch on US 3 needle. Washing instructions: Handwash only and lay flat to dry.

I found about 30 skeins, so once it is gone that is all I have.
This yarn is a protein fiber so it will need citric acid in the dye bath, and you can use the standard mx dyes with a few drops of synthrapol in the dye bath.

I have heard a rumor about some certified ORGANIC sock yarn, and I am stalking it and should know tomorrow how much I can get. ....... plant dyers this maybe your way to get a totally organic experience......

As always.....hunting down the best prices.....
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Saturday, June 28, 2008



These past couple days have been CRAZY! However, my site is up! is now a live site!

I have been dying my little fingers off! Wanna see?
Here is my Indie Dyed Yarn, that I have been working on for several days.

This yarn is promised out to Loopy Ewe, but I have a bunch more not pictured headed out to Jimmy Beans Wool!

They are going to be carrying my stuff as well I am incredibly honored and excited to have both of these stores carrying my stuff!

Thats all for now, more tomorrow. I have some other BIG updates, but I can barely stay awake.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in the Studio.....

Today was awesome! I was got to test out all my new dyes. I entrusted a CERTAIN someone to order the TEN dyes I specified. Some how when I got the box there were closer to THIRTY dyes in the box. AND I couldn't find the black. Hmmm..... Well I did what any self respecting dyer would when faced with ALL THOSE DYES and BLANKS. I started dying! Umm we decided to label it "testing the dyes."

I love my Mom's studio, it is sooooo nice. My first big order (for me anyways) is shipping to The Loopy Ewe . I am so very excited for her to pick up my yarn.

Here I am poking my yarn, to see if it was done cooking.

This colorway is called Cactus Flower. Here I am caressing my about-to-be dried Cactus Flower.Later I realized that "Nickel" is actually black. I didn't realize that BEFORE I placed the order for Black that is labeled "Black." So my fellow dyers you lucky people will have TWO blacks from which to choose. Lucky Lucky!

Notice: The yarn on my Mom's site SOLD OUT. Thanks! My site should be up enough to order dyes and other stuff tomorrow. I won't be able to ship until I get back Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Video Buzz


Today I head out to beautiful green Vermont to shoot my first dying video. I have borrowed my Mom's beautiful studio and I am looking forward to taking visiting my family and friends in the area.

Tenitive working title is: The Superwash Manifesto. I am so very excited to get this DVD out because now I can really showcase some of the finer points of dying and I think it will appeal to a wide range of people. In addition to a straight forward how to, I am going to show various stages of dyed yarn and the different tricks and tips that can help people understand the dye process itself a little better.

I am also thinking about making an appearance at Stitches Midwest at the end of August. I will have all my blanks, dyes, supplies and probably some of my own dyed yarn there for sale as well.

Anyways, I am off to catch my plane, I hope to see you soon!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Temporary Fix

Hey Guys!

I have a good temporary fix. YOU CAN FINALLY GO PURCHASE YARN. My mother was kind enough to loan me some webspace. My website is about a week from being done, but she has gracious enough to put up the yarn for me.

So here is the link:

Shop happy! The dyes and videos are coming soon.