Saturday, January 31, 2009


HAHA!! Finally I have stolen the spotlight. Myna fell asleep while knitting and left her blog logged in.

Lucky me! Now I get to talk about MY colorway, Freebooters Anon. Last time I dyed one it got swept under the table till I got to the show.

It was called Gargoyle sunrise.

‘Course soon as I got there it sold out.

We have a bet going that my colorway will sell better than hers. So in order to do that, I’m putting up a picture of how my color knits up.

The first 6 rows are garter stitch, then 6 of stockinette and in the middle is a little pattern of simple yarn-overs and K2Tog’s. I’m really excited about it because while Gargoyle sunrise had a tendency to stripe Freebooters definitely hasn’t in either of the things I’ve knitted with it. Oh, the second thing isn’t done yet but it’s a mitten.

So yeah, please help me get out of laundry duty for all of February and order Freebooters over her color. :D

P.S. Don’t tell her about this post, she might get mad and lock me in a closet.

6:30 on Saturday

Hello all!

I am up and looking at the latest thing from CTH: all the worsted and bulky that everyone order. I also found out that my dye order has finally shipped. Guess I placed a big order. I don't know how they are mailing it, so no tracking number. :(

Other then that I am in a good mood. I have a bunch of yarns to dye. A bunch of fun colors to play with a sample for Debbie O'Neil, I am so very excited to see my new patterns. My WoW colors are going really well. I am just busy busy busy.

I am going to update my price list in the next week or so and change the price on the DVD. I am going to be starting with cotton dyeing next and need to get set up so I am prepared for the millions of questions people are going to ask me.

I will write another update soon.

Here is some EYE Candy for you :) Adam and I kept a skein of some of our yarns, So we wound it into balls:

Monday, January 26, 2009

NEW WOW COLORS for January


I know these about 5 days later then I said they would be. Both Adam and I contributed colors this time. Although Adam met the deadline, I couldn't seem to get my color "perfect" despite dying at least 4 samples. Thus I will extend the ordering time frame 5 days.

With out further ado:
On the left we have Where my Beaches at?(inspired by the northeeast beaches of Azshara) and Freebooters Anonymous on the right. Freebooter's Anonymous was the color Adam came up with :).

For those of you still waiting on your December colors, I actually ran out of some yarns, they should be in today or tomorrow and then be out in the mail. I had such a huge response to last month's colors which tickled me pink. I am hoping to have all my orders over a week old out by today. I am sorry for the delays, but things are picking up which is always so exciting. I appreciate your order immensely and hope you will bear with me through this small growing pain. :)

I'll post the color on my shopping cart and Rav, later today.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I flew down to sunny San Diego for TNNA, it was wonderful. SOOOO very Sunny! I am getting all my pictures in order so I can post something more picture-y. Ryan from CTH took some great fashion show photos.

I know what the next WoW colors are, Adam made one this time and I absolutely love it!
He calls it Freebooter's Anonymous and then my color is Where My Beaches at? I will have the new colors up tomorrow.

:) Things are hopping around this place. I barely have a second to sit down and write.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

They're UP!

With out further ado:
Ba-Dump Thump (Thump thump thump)
You can hear them coming up behind you and the whole ground shakes!

Long Ears
It's the most distinctive feature... well that and the Michael Jackson/ Pole Dancing....

Check them out on my site!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WoW for "December"

Hello All--

My two new colors came out gorgeously way better then I expected, I dyed the first sample set in Select yarns. Currently I am getting a really good deal on the Select yarns and I will post the new prices when I put up the order forms. I need to wait for a break in the rain to get a good photo, so bear with me, the pictures are on the way.

The two colors this month are Thump Ba-Dump which is Kodo inspired, and Long Ears which is Night Elf inspired. The Long Ears has been a hard one to really get right. I have at least 3 different samples of it and none of them turned out quite right. When I went to dye it this time I had it all planned out and last minute changed all the colors I was going to use. I think some of my blues could have been brighter, but I will wait to see until it is totally dry. I am absolutely psyched for this round. The colors are so different when you dye them. They look almost too simplistic, too crayola. When I first saw the Thump Ba-Dump, I was really worried it turned out too dark. Now that it is almost dry both Adam and are totally in love with it. I am glad I held off on the freak out and waited to "redye" it. It turned out nice.

Hopefully the colors will be up by tomorrow afternoon. They are almost dry.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sock Club Changes

After experimenting with the dyeing for the sock club Adam and I have decided on a new system for getting all the sock club colors dyed and out to you.

We will announce the color and show samples on the 20th and everyone can get their order in by the 30th. I will dye them and get them shipped out on the 5th. Any orders after that date will make the following month’s orders. I am spending too much time mixing sets for the same colors again and again, and I don’t want people to have to wait for their yarn so much.

So for December’s colors, I will put them up today and if you could have your orders in by the 15th, I will get them out by the 20th, then I will post January’s colors.

For those of you who signed up with November’s colors, (Firey and Frost Bitten), your club will be officially up in April, but I will probably be doing colors into July (I think I have enough ideas) at least.

I have had a bunch of requests for a “regular” sock club. I am going to try something new for a “sock club”. Once people sign up for a 6 month club, I am going to email my “sock club” members their special discount code each month. I will dye between 2-4 colors a month and you can use your discount through the website on any of the yarn that month.

Since I only plan on dyeing the colors only in my most popular sock yarns, I understand that people will probably want it in more bases. I will mark one color each month that will take orders for other bases and will ship it out with my WoW colors.

This might seem a bit complicated, however, this gives everybody a chance a color they really like, in a yarn they actually wanted. This plan utilizes the way I dye best, and gives you the cool spur of the moment colors.

This plan is pay as you go, so each month you will purchase your sock yarn.

If you want to be a part of the club just an email to