Monday, November 24, 2008

Worn Out

Hey Everyone

It has been non stop busy since I came home from the show. Adam and i had to finish moving all of our stuff to the new house then the 8 boxes from Stitches arrived (yay)! Then all the patterns and custom orders from CTH. Then barn roof that had be hanging on by one last post finally decided it was going to have to be repaired. So for 3 days I stopped dyeing and started digging post holes. 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft. We had a contractor come today and do the carpentry bit, but Adam and I dug the holes and laid the first round of concrete. For some reason my phone is STILL no work so if you have been trying to call me, I am very sorry but for now you will have to email me. I can't even begin to tell you about how many troubles I have had with the phone.

But it's starting to come together I have a whole room just for storing yarn and another for an office so it is starting to be more organized. I have too many orders to keep them in my head any more. When I finally decided on a system for organizing the orders I had a small mountain of yarn to dye. It was pretty funny when I realized how much I had been keeping in my head. Not doable.

This weekend I worked ALL weekend with some yarn that Adam dyed that he calls Grinch. This is so typical Jenna: I wasn't going to put up a picture and then I thought it couldn't hurt to snap a quick shot. Then I was like well it needs a better background so I went rummage for a pillow case. Then I had to take a million pictures (none of which I thought were great so I kept taking a bunch). I just can't let it be. So any ways back to the story. Adam was bummed that no one bought any of his Grinch at the show so I thought of a good way to showcase a Christmas-y yarn: A cute kids Christmas dress.

My Dad's new wife has an adorable 2 year old daughter named Hayden and she is quite the fashion queen. I am very excited to see how this is going to fit her. Anyways, I am going to go do some knitting therapy.

So far today I have mixed up wrong colors (over a gallon and a half), had to overdye skein that I dyed the wrong color, invoiced the wrong people, argued with the bank, comcast, and got my barn fixed. Tomorrow will go smoother. It has to.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stitches East and Sock Club

I am in recovery mode. It was a great weekend and I was so happy to meet so many people. Sherri from Loopy Ewe stopped by and grabbed a picture for her blog.
Adam, Erica and I had a ball, Erica showed me some cool knitting things that I had not really been exposed to before (like "pretty" stitch markers and special knitting bags). I think Adam got a lot out of it as well. Erica taught him how to knit socks on two 24" inch circulars which was good for him because he really has a hard time with double pointed needles. I was so impressed with how quickly he learned that I decided to pick up some patterns from Kalamazoo Knits (Rav). Mostly I am carrying their Easy Socks on Circulars. I will put them up on my website and I highly recommend them. The greatest thing is that they knit up a variety of sizes. The sock pattern of theirs that I am currently making is the Dressed to the 9's Cable Sock Pattern.
The picture is kind of dark and I will work on getting better ones. The weather here in Washington doesn't always cooperate. The color of the sock is in my new WoW color of the month Something Finney inspired by Murlocs. The other colorway for November is the one that won the vote below call Rezzing Again. That is what always happens to me when I encounter Murlocs. Hmnphh.

So back to Adam's Sock. I realize that once we started knitting the promotional patterns that I was giving out for free at the show that I had swapped the pictures on the 2 patterns. I hope that doesn't cause too much confusion, if people have questions I would be happy to send out a corrected pattern. ANYWAYS! The sock:

Adam calls this color Gargoyle Sunrise. He is making the sock out of Supersock Select DK. He says he is going to dye some more colors for Stitches West. I am always excited about his dyeing, and amazed that even though we use the same dyes and dyeing methods, he still manages to do colors I don't.

I am going to take down last months sock club colors by the end of this week and put the new ones up. We just moved into the new house fully and for some reason my phone service is not working, so if you have tried to call me, I haven't been able to answer. It's on my list of a million things to do today. So bear with me as I get everything sorted out. Email receipts are coming soon, hopefully by the end if the day if quickbooks would stop freezing my computer. Patterns are coming soon. I just keep chugging along moving forward with the next thing I think you guys might like.

On a last note, a lady who purchased some dyes/ blanks and a DVD from me sent me a picture of the yarn she dyed her first time. I have some other first time photos that I have been holding onto and when I find a good place to put them all up I will certainly do so. So keep pictures of dying exploits with your indie dyer stuff and finished objects with your indie dyer yarns. I adore seeing them.

- From Crista called Blue Lagoon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vote on your favorite Rezzing Again

So Adam and I disagree on which color is more murloc.

Vote top or bottom color on the side bar to the left! Then I will tell you about my murloc scheme. In a way I am offering 3 color options for next month. I wanted to be able to make the murloc toy with a different color for the fin because I want my murloc to have a body color different then his fins. I think I will do some sort of deal about buying like a Louet gems 50 g skein in the Something Finney for a contrast color. More details after Stitches. I have samples of these colors here at Stitches if anyone wants to see them in person.