Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"March" Colors

So I have the new Wow colors.

This time I took inspiration from The Blood Elves as a Race and my favorite class the Warlock. Adam and I went around and around about what colors are Warlock. I have an undead warlock, so to me, Warlocks are green and purple and blue. I though about putting in some pink for like soul shards, but couldn't bring myself to do another colorway with green and pink (Long Ears and Marshy). Plus I wanted another more subtle color. I used two different purples in this colorway, and I am not sure people will be able to tell immediately. I am hoping this will add depth to the colorway so knitted things will be more elegant, at least that is my intent. So Affliction Anyone? is on the the left and The Other Elf Race is on the right.

The Other Race, (the other WoW color of the month) is based on the preview that I must of watched 100 times before the new races came out. It had a lot of read and gold and pink in it. The colorway also sports some light yellow and grey to kind of highlight the pink and terra cotta and break it up a little.

If you are in the club, go here.
If you just want it, go here.

Lastly, I have some other colors to poke around with, Budding Iris which was a test run for my warlock color way and I didn't think it was "serious" enough and then a colorway I dyed yesterday called Lichen.

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