Monday, May 4, 2009

April WoW Color!

I introduce: No ERP for Me inspired by Goldshire and Elwynn Forest and Not your Average DK on the right. I have been wanting to do a DK color since it came out, but I didn't want to be tooo trendy.

So I have been knitting up a storm since I am going to the Sock Summit. I'll post about that tomorrow maybe, I have so many updates to put on the site.

If you are in the Club, go here.

If you just want the yarn, go here.

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Moon Torbett said...

I'm all squirmy, waiting for my order to arrive, lol. Wondered outloud to my hubby last night at the supper table, "Wonder how long it takes for a truck to drive from Washington state to Tennessee?"
When they get here, my recent resistance to casting on some socks is going right out the window, no doubt, lol.