Monday, March 16, 2009

"February" Colors

Hello All

I finally have completed the new February WoW colors.They took me a long time because both areas are complex and there are a lot of colors to draw from in each area. For the Ungoro Crater color I tried to balance between blues and greens and wrestled with how much black and or orange to put in the different colorways. How much green did I really want? The problem with bright green is that it is BRIGHT. I love it, but I am trying to cater to everyone here, it doesn't do me a lot of good to have a bunch of yarn that just I am in love with. I think I struck that chord with the Terra Cotta color I used. I really think that color added a nice touch with out being too orange or too brown.

Then Zangermarsh, omg sooo much blue, fuchsia, and purple. I wanted to get away from tons of blue and purple, I really like the area on the west side where you get the Sporegar rep (or how ever you spell it it!). I liked the touches of light pink. I am not really a pink person myself, but small doses it can be okay.

So here are the pictures of the two colors:

I think next I am going to do a Tanaris color maybe. I had some ideas. I am going to play around with a paladin and warrior color and see if I like the results....

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