Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photo Montage

OK here are all of the photos I have been promising you. I finally broke down and attempted to photograph stuff.

Here is my current project- the Diagonal Wrap. I am using a combination of CTH colors and my own colors and choose Teal as my solid. I am not great at big things, but I am working diligently to complete it in time for the show.

I am pretty happy with the way it has turned our so far.

Next is the "Ideal Sweater" that Debbie and I have been working on. It is entirely knit in the round with cables where the seam would go. I dyed two special colors for it: the Body color is called Morning Rose and the outside color is Bluebell.

Last but not least I have the gloves that I am making for Rae. They are called the Rachu's Illusion Gloves. I am going to make the other one and write up the pattern. Once I do that I will be looking for some people to test knit the pattern.
I rarely write up patterns that I do, because I am so hodge podge. Anyways here are the pix.

Here is the other side:


Knit Witch said...

Everything looks great!

Jenna said...

Why thanks! I am pretty dang proud, for my small corner of the world ;).